Many sculptures are taller than they are wide and, as a result, will benefit from being ‘pinned’ to a base to prevent them from being knocked over. Every sculpture we ship that is a ‘pinning’ candidate is drilled with a 3/8” hole three inches into the bottom of the sculpture. Larger works that are best pinned are drilled with a 1/2″ hole four to six inches into the bottom of the sculpture, depending on the height of the piece. Let us know if you have any special requirments where pinning is necessary and we will drill the piece for you.

Many of our sculpture artworks are heavy and should be placed with care and consideration so as to avoid them falling over and injuring someone and/or causing damages. We cannot be responsible for artworks improperly mounted or installed and encourage you to take precautions in your placement of your sculptures. Please ask us if you are unsure about how to mount your sculpture.