How It Works:
Purchase any artwork with a sales transaction price (excluding taxes, shipping, and services) of $ 1,500.00 or greater and enjoy the right to exchange the item for another item of equal or lesser value as long as you own the artwork. That’s right, AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE ARTWORK!! So, if after 10 years you want to send it back to us for FULL CREDIT against a replacement you are welcome to do so. Remember, only the actual cost of the artwork, not any other affiliated costs, are eligible.

What it Cost:
You must pay to pack and ship your artwork back to us and then pay any packing and shipping charges for the replacement artwork to go back to you. And you must pay the difference, if any, between the original cost of the artwork you are returning and the cost of the new artwork you will be receiving (along with any applicable taxes and insurance). In addition, we will charge a 10% service fee on the price of the REPLACEMENT artwork to cover our operating costs. For example, if you return a work of art that originally cost you $ 3,000 for a work that costs $ 3,500 you will have to pay the following costs:

The cost to pack and ship your existing artwork back to us
$500 that represents the difference between the cost of your original artwork you are returning and the cost of the replacement artwork you will be receiving
10% of the $ 3,500 replacement artwork cost, or $350
The cost for us to pack, insure, and ship your replacement artwork to you

Conditions of Return:
Your artwork MUST come back to us in an undamaged condition not including any normal cleaning and polishing which may need to be done to sculptures. We will assess all artworks returned to us under this program before dispatching replacement artworks. If your artwork is damaged and you still want to take advantage of this program we will assess you a repair price upon receiving and examining your artwork. The repair price must be paid prior to the shipping of the replacement artwork. This program is an EXCHANGE program only and no refunds will be given.

Once we dispatch your replacement artwork your original artwork becomes our property again and you have no further or future rights to it unless you decide to purchase it again later if it is still available. We will have the exclusive right to do with it as we please. We will require that you sign a sale and release form to this effect.