Description Hungry is a work that derives much of its power from the way that the two parts have been assembled–the topmost head just slightly out of alignment with the solid pillar of the torso. When Muzondo joins two heavy serpentines in this way he deliberately raises the question of the monolithic nature of serpentine. The single figure made from two serpentines is more fragile, open to dismemberment, than the solid form carved from a single rock. Heavy and powerful as this work is, the recognition that it is joined and not intrinsically whole introduces a factor of fragility and instability. Linked to the title “Hungry” it speaks of a lack, a weakness, while in no way appearing weak to the eye. At the same time Muzondo questions and stretches assumptions about twentieth century Zimbabwean Sculpture in which serpentine and its monumentality is taken for granted.
Colors black, gray, brown
Dimension 35″ x 12″ x 19″
Weight 220.0000
Material springserpentine
Artist Joseph Muzondo


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