Elegant Beggar



Elegant Beggar

Product Code: MUZ1739

The oxymoron of the title Elegant Beggar is borne out by the exquisite poise of this work, inspired by the women and mOthers who, driven to the cities to find a better life for their children, maintain their pride and dignity even when compelled to beg for a livelihood. In this work, one of several in which Muzondo assembles two or more pieces to enable the figure to break out of the block-like confines of a single serpentine, the elongated forward-thrust of the head expresses power and yearning. The variously hatched surfaces of the torso create a rich ripple effect that arrests the viewer’s eye and reminds us that poverty is as much a part of the human condition as its opposite.

Colors black, brown
Dimension 44″ x 20″ x 12″
Weight 235.0000
Material springstone
Artist Joseph Muzondo


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