Nesbert Mukomberanwa, born in Buhera, Zimbabwe in 1969.  He began studying sculpture in 1987 under the guidance of his uncle, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, who was one of Zimbabwe´s most foremost sculptors.  Nicholas employed the methods of his own mentor, Frank McEwen, praising and encouraging his nephew and inspiring him to develop his own individual style.  McEwen believed not in imposed learning, but in nurturing and encouraging the latent talent in each young artist.

Whilst being aware of the influence of his famous uncle, Nesbert continues to develop his own individual style and his attention to detail can be seen in the skillfully carved lines of his sculptures.

Nesbert has participated in many group exhibitions in Zimbabwean Heritage in 1989, 1990 and 1992.  Many of Norbert’s sculptures were selected to be displayed in the Zimbabwean Heritage Exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand during the Commonwealth Games in 1990.  He also won a Certificate of Excellence in 1990 at the Heritage Exhibition for his sculpture entitled ´´Duck Dreamer´´.

In 1998, Nesbert relocated to the tranquility of the countryside, where he is finally free to concentrate fully on his art. He has created the ‘Village Gallery’ to display his work.  Nesbert also shows works by selected Chitungwiza-based artists in his gallery and gardens.  His works are exhibited regularly at the Chapungu Gallery, Zimbabwe.