Lameck Bonjisi, born in 1973 and is the brother of Witness Bonjisi. Lameck became a full-time artist at the age of seventeen under the tutelage of the renowned sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa.

In 1989 he approached the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa, arguably Zimbabwe’s leading sculptor, and was accepted as an assistant and apprentice to Mukomberanwa ‘s workshop. Lameck spent two years sculpting under Nicholas’ guidance. As soon as he began sculpting full time Lameck shot to fame internationally and held exhibitions throughout the world.

Lameck’s sculptures have distinct stylized lines, a characteristic evidently inspired from his apprentiship to Mukomberanwa. Lameck’s works are very striking; leaving a strong impression in the viewers memory. His careful selection of the perfect stone to use is quite admirable and exhibits his dedication to creating a master piece.  Sharp angles, straight lines, a lot of movement and dynamism characterize Lameck´s work. He is today considered one of the most successful second generation sculptors in Zimbabwe.

Lameck introduced his younger brother, Witness, into the sculpture world. In 1992, Witness began apprenticing with Lameck and Nicholas Mukomberanwa. Witness apprenticed with these two artists for four years.  Unfortunately Lameck passed away in 2003, and Zimbabwe was robbed of one of its brightest talents. His brother, Witness, continues sculpting today.