Factor Zira, born on the 3rd November 1954 in Guruve, an area that is in the Northern part of Zimbabwe.  He is married with 3 girls and 4 boys.  His totem is ´´Mhofu´´, the Eland.

He did his primary education in 1961 up to standard 6 at Nyamhondoro Primary School.  He did not go further with secondary education, because his parents could not afford to pay school fees. L ike most Shona boys, he grew up herding cattle and helping his parents in the fields.  He worked as an assistant builder until 1976 when he became a full time builder and had his own contract.

Factor was introduced to sculpturing by the late Henry Munyaradzi, who was a well-known master of the first generation sculptor, when he married Henry´s daughter in 1979.  He was so inspired by Henry´s work that he asked Henry to teach him.  In 1982 he was able to do sculpturing without Henry´s help.

His work was being sold by Genesis Gallery, which was located in Harare.  In 1984 – 1985 Factor stopped sculpturing and returned to building.  Henry later encouraged him again when he was employed by him to sell Henry´s sculpture.  From there he became a part time sculptor until his mentor passed away on the 27th of February 1998.  Now he is a full time sculptor and his art has been sold to many European countries. His sculpture can also be found at Stone Heritage Gallery, Chapungu Sculpture Park.

Factor´s ambition is to become a well know sculptor like his mentor, Henry of Tengenenge.