Born on the March 9, 1935 in Guruve, Edward is of the Kore-Kore tribe.  Edward began sculpting in early 1967.  He is married and encourages his wife Sherita to sculpt as well.

Edward worked in his village as a carpenter.  He grew up with Henry Munyaradzi (a world recognized sculptor) and Wilson Chikawa, both members of his family.  He joined Tengenenge Sculpture Community in 1970 and worked with Tom Blomefield for many years.  He now lives in Chitungwiza with his family where he continues to sculpt.  His sons have now joined Edward and are becoming recognized as sculptors.

Edward´s subject matter deals with aspects of the universe such as the sun and the moon.  He often gives these subjects human features, which consist of simple geometric lines.  Another source of inspiration is the subject of women, which he portrays as beautiful beings with long flowing hair. Edward´s sculpture often contains the technique of rough and smooth. However, his ´´rough´´ rock is worked upon very carefully and skillfully to create different features.

Edward is married to Henry (of Tengenenge) Munyaradzi´s sister.  Henry had a marked influence on Edwards sculpture and this is very noticeable. Edward works in all available stone and is not afraid to use the hardest stones available.

Ball Head