Eddie Masaya, born in 1960 in the Mountainous Nyanga District. He left school after completing grade seven and went to College for two years. In 1980, he joined his cousin Moses Masaya and began to sculpt. After spending two years alongside Moses, Eddie joined Brighton Sango in Guruve.

It was within this environment that he discovered his own expression. Eddie acknowledges the influence of first generation sculptors such as the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa and Joseph Ndandarika and his works reveal a similar uninhibited feeling towards the stone. Deeply fascinated by its natural qualities, he is often guided by structural textures, flaws and resistance within each new piece that really satisfies him. Sometimes the natural form of a stone inspires you. It´s like it commands you, and you then just follow its formation and bring out the piece as is desired.

His work possesses a strange, ghostly quality and this perhaps more than anything else, links him to the generation of artists, which preceded him.

Eddie´s sculpture has been exhibited internationally since the mid-Eighties and he continues to present individual strength and direction in his work.