The people at ArtZimbabwe became involved with the contemporary Shona Stone Sculpture movement in 1980 when travelling on business in Harare, Zimbabwe. At that time the African sculpture movement was in its infancy and the early developers of the art form were just beginning to make their impression in the art world. We developed close relationships with the original African sculpture masters; Nicholas Mukomberwanra, Henry Munyaradzi, John Takawira, Tapfuma Gutsa, Jopseph Muzondo and others. Our sculpture gallery, The African Influence Gallery in Boston MA was in 1987 one of the early innovators and among the first to introduce this African art form to America. Later, in conjunction with our 20-year partnership with The Reece Galleries in New York City, we placed hundreds of major works in private and institutional collections throughout the world, and played a major role in the worldwide promotion of this art form’s most important artists.

For over 25 years, we focused on the development and acceptance of this extraordinary art movement, having held several one-person shows for some of the most prominent African sculptors including Nicholas Mukomberwanra, Henry Munyaradzi, Tapfuma Gutsa, and Joseph Muzondo, as well as more than 30 group exhibitions of major significance.

All of our sculptures were acquired during the period 1980 – 2005 with many of the earlier works being created before the actual acquisition dates.  The majority of our remaining collection consists of sculptures from important first and second generation artists from the Shona Sculpture movement.  Our collection contains many works from highly regarded artists whose best works are generally not available in the secondary market.  All of our sculptures (with few exceptions) have been collected directly from the artists over an extended time period.  Our collection thus presents a capsule of selected works of unusual range and quality that documents a key period of recent southern African history.